Close the Digital Divide, One Community at a Time

About Us

We're not just bridging the digital divide; we're erasing it through Digital Justice via Participatory Action Research and Digital Equity solutions.
With a team of dedicated community partners and experts, we are empowering communities across the country. Our initiatives are creating job opportunities, fostering digital literacy, and providing internet access where it’s needed the most.

Our Leadership

Leadership is at the core of our impact. Steering numerous research initiatives, we've been the guiding force in uncovering insights, fostering digital justice, and shaping participatory budgeting to uplift communities.

We Lead

by pioneering groundbreaking research projects, setting a precedent for inclusive, community-driven approaches to combat digital inequities and misinformation, and steering the narrative towards a future where every voice is heard and valued.

We Educate

through our innovative Digital Stewards program and participatory research initiatives, fostering digital skills and equitable economic growth, and counteracting the effects of historical public disinvestment.

We Build

by establishing robust broadband infrastructure and comprehensive digital equity programs, making technology safely accessible and navigable for communities shaped by diverse lived experiences.

We Bolster

the resilience and long-term sustainability efforts for community, leading a collective march towards a future where digital equity is the cornerstone of community empowerment.

We Care

by dismantling digital divides to foster a landscape where every community member can access and utilize digital resources effectively. Our dedication is not just to connect, but to empower, ensuring digital justice is woven into the very fabric of community well-being.

Our Numbers That Speak

We’re driven by measurable impact; numbers that serve as milestones, pushing us to break our own records and reach new heights every day. 

Research Projects
Community Researchers Trained
Digital Steward Cohorts
Participatory Budgeting Dollars Won
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At the heart of our work lies a profound commitment to digital justice, a pursuit that threads through every initiative, every training session, and every community we touch. We don't just provide tools; we nurture the seeds of empowerment and watch them flourish into robust networks of knowledge and innovation. Our journey is about transforming the digital landscape into an equitable, accessible, and nurturing environment, where every voice has the power to echo across the digital divide and shape the future.

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Our Projects

Pioneering Pathways to Empowerment and Equity
We’re architects of change, crafting more than just programs—we’re forging connections to new horizons. Our initiatives span from the Digital Stewards to groundbreaking research and community-led solutions, each designed to dismantle barriers and champion digital equity.
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