Close the Digital Divide, One Community at a Time

About Us

We're not just bridging the digital divide; we're erasing it through Digital Justice via Participatory Action Research and Digital Equity solutions.
With a team of dedicated community partners and experts, we are empowering communities across the country. Our initiatives are creating job opportunities, fostering digital literacy, and providing internet access where it’s needed the most.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the Detroit Community Technology Project, a Black-led national leader and originator in community-based technology and digital equity.

We Provide Care

by enhancing access to telehealth services and enabling community-specific healthcare providers.

We Educate

to foster skills and equitable economic growth, countering the effects of public disinvestment.

We Build

broadband infrastructure and literacy programs, making technology safely accessible for communities with lived experiences.

We Bolster

long-term sustainability efforts for the consortium and its member organizations.

Our Numbers That Speak

We’re driven by measurable impact; numbers that serve as milestones, pushing us to break our own records and reach new heights every day. 

Research Projects
Community Researchers trained
Digital Steward Cohorts
$ 0 M
Participatory Budgeting Dollars won
Our focus? Creating community safety and health through equitable internet access. With every pilot program we develop and every community we train, we're laying the groundwork for scalable solutions with a global impact.

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Our Projects

More Than Programs, We're Building Bridges to Opportunity
We’re not just training Digital Stewards; we’re cultivating community leaders. Through our diverse initiatives, we’ve empowered communities, shaped futures, and tackled inequality at its core. Our work resonates far beyond numbers; it’s the stories of transformation, empowerment, and progress that keep us moving forward.

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