How I Got TWO $500,000 grants in ONE week: A quick guide/listicle about the basics you need to know for an effective grant proposal.

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1. What are grants?

Grants are free money that you can get to do your next project – whether that’s your for-profit company, your non-profit, or your own venture.

2. Where do grants come from?

There are many types. Government grants and foundation grants are my favorites for beginners, though corporate grants and educational grants also exist.

Governments may choose to deliver grants through a competitive process called a Request For Proposals (RFP). For both applications, we included partners partners who would make a compelling application. To the partners we recuited, the grant ‘came from’ a partner.

3. What are the last grants you got?

Just last week, we helped two organizations get nearly a million dollars in one week. One received a $500,000 grant, the other won a grant for $455,000. One is for a registered non-profit, and the other is for an LLC.

4. When do I apply for a grant?

While each grant typically has a deadline, there’s no time like the present. Many governments have a cycle or pattern to when they release grants. For example, you’re less likely to see grants be posted during the busy parts of your city’s or county’s budgeting cycle. Go ahead and start searching for opportunities that may be a great fit for you and what you’re passionate about – don’t delay. Start today.

5. How do I find the grants?

If you have no money, start by looking into stepping up your Google arsenal. Use the little ~ key to help you narrow to only the results that are similar to the term you’re searching. I usually use the ” (quotation mark) right before and right after the word I need. For example, if I wanted to find Houston government grants, I might type “Houston” ~grant “2021” in the search box of my favorite search engine.

If you’re looking at foundations, the strategy is different. 90% of foundations don’t have website, so you’ll likely want to pair your Google skills with additional tools. In the U.S, check out the US Office of Minority Health, they offer free grant searches. Globally, check our sources like Foundation Directory Online to find even better grant research tools. In general funders, want to see you’ll exploring other funding, too.

6. How do I learn more?

Take our class. In our class, Grant Slayer Academy, we break it all down. We’ve helped people win over $7M in grants, so you’ll want to learn how we do what we do.

It’s really important that we share what we know with each other so Black and Brown community members can have these skills in our communities. Imagine having one person – or two people – in your nonprofit or in your family or in your neighborhood. Let’s make this happen.

Let’s invest in getting these skills to be part of how we navigate the world together. Our class is self-paced, video-based and is optimized for beginners. PLUS it comes with six weeks of group consulting.

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